Donald Trump just reinstated his Muslim ban, signing a new Executive Order that will once again bar nationals of Iran and five other countries from obtaining visas and visiting the U.S.

Trump’s actions are inhumane, unjust and un-American. We will stop him.

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Nationals of the six countries will be unable to obtain visas for 90 days, but beyond that Iranian visa-seekers will likely be banned from the U.S. indefinitely due to the lack of diplomatic relations and Iran’s designation as a “state sponsor of terror”, according to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

We cannot let that happen.

The administration made some small, completely insufficient adjustments to the ban to try minimize public controversy and avoid being blocked once again in court. They are exempting green card holders and persons who currently hold visas.

The adjustments may reduce some of the chaos at airports. But make no mistake: Iranian visa seekers will be barred from entering the U.S. indefinitely. The Administration has also not provided enough answers regarding non-U.S. dual nationals - the order says they are exempt but their FAQ suggests there may be complications in a dual national obtaining a visa. We are seeking full clarity that non-U.S. Iranian dual nationals will indeed be able to apply for a U.S. visa.

The bottom line is this: NIAC Action, and all of our allies in this battle, are fighting Trump’s new ban on two paths - the legal path and the Congressional path.

Legal action: our lawsuit against the Trump administration with other Iranian-American organizations will continue moving forward. We will have a more detailed update on the lawsuit in the future.

Congressional action: we are seeking new legislation to reverse the order. Congress must feel the pressure from its constituents so that they understand: either they stand up to the Trump administration or their voters will force them to stand down.

That's why we need you to write and email your lawmakers in Congress today.

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There is no national security justification for this ban, it is pure bigotry. We know this because Trump ordered intelligence agencies to find evidence to support the ban – and they couldn’t. But the lack of justification hasn’t stopped Trump from rolling forward with his outrageous plans. So it is up to us to stop them.

More to come,

Jamal Abdi
Policy Director

P.S. We are organizing a “Virtual Rally” tomorrow where we will flood Congress with calls as part of a nationwide effort against the ban. You can sign up to join the Virtual Rally here.
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